Inspired Higher Living:

Are you ready to get the support you need to create healthy habits, to feel you have ways of supporting yourself and your body?  

Are you ready to overcome barriers and deal with racing thoughts and doubts in life?  

Would you like to feed your mind, body and spirit with healthy thoughts, foods and ideas?  

Are you ready to start feeling like you’re moving forward on your purpose, and your goals and heart's desires?  

Are you ready to feel like you have a plan for greater life balance and ways to generate joy and peaceful feelings?  

Join the Inspired Higher Living Coaching Group and get the support you need to be inspired to take action to live your life from a higher place of thinking, being and reacting. Learn to manage your thoughts and emotions, create greater life balance, food choices, and create healthy habits to nurture yourself and more! 


  • Get the guidance, support and encouragement you need to move forward to healthier habits so can feel better faster!
  • Increase your confidence and attitude with proven tools and techniques to think higher and not live in fear! 
  • Have the energy to take care of yourself to make your health and wellbeing a top priority so you can achieve your goals!
  • Learn the healthiest foods and supplements to give your body the most nutritious support possible so can be vibrant and healthy! 
  •  Feel the love, inspiration and support from a top wellness expert and the team! 


Introductory price $39 per month

Normal price: $75 

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Here's are some of the topics ...

Manage thoughts and emotions

  • Learn mindfulness and meditation tools to stop looping thoughts and feel inner peace of mind 
  • Get pep talks how to talk nicer to yourself
  • Get more resources on how to change your mindset and make it work or you! 

Feed Your Soul:

  • Learn ways to lift your spirit up to a higher place to overcome fear, worry and doubt  
  • Learn to listen to your heart, your intuition and inner wisdom to guide your life and choices 
  • Learn tools to be present and find your center 
  • Get inspired to stay on track with positive videos and tips to keep you going!
  • Quick ways to get unstuck 

Healthy Food  

  • Learn the highest vibrational foods to feed yourself so you can live a higher life
  • Learn what supplements increase energy, health, and help with sleep 
  • Learn how to prepare nutritious, delicious dishes you and your body will love! 
  • Learn prepping food and cooking tips 

Healthy Boundaries;  

  • Learn how to say no and create boundaries so you have time for greater self care
  • Create a NO GO list, create what you are committed to and what you are not
  • Learn how to identify your need and feelings and express them

Healthy Habits:

  • Learn to put systems in place to keep your goals in front of you
  • How to overcome barriers
  • Learn the Stages of Change and how to make small changes you can stick to! 
  • Learn how to make wellness fun and doable for you!

Here's What You Will Get: 

  • Weekly Inspirational and educational videos
  • 1.5 hour Life/Wellness Group Coaching call per month
  • Weekly check in for accountability and motivation 
  • Group support and help 
  • Weekly Wellness Tips  
  • Private Facebook Group Support and Updates

Kimberly is a Life and Wellness Coaching Specialist, Certified Havening Techniques® Practitioner, Licensed HearthMath® Provider, Reiki Master Teacher, Speaker, and Workshop Leader, with over 18 years experience in Wellness/Integrative Medicine. She combines her corporate business background and wellness experience to help busy people and businesses to thrive by learning to find their center, calm their mind and bodies so they can choose healthy habits, greater selfcare and life balance. She loves coaching others to reach their full potential, align with their life purpose, reduce stress and assist them in removing blocks to uncover the authentic self. She spends her free time enjoying organic gardening, cooking and teaching others how to live a healthy lifestyle they enjoy!  



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Normal price: $75  

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